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605th Tank Destroyer Battalion

It is particularly fitting at this time that such a record be made available, since it is anticipated, in the near future most of us will be deployed in other assignments for the war with Japan. In my opinion, we have one of the finest groups of officers and men any unit of the Army as ever had. I have been honored in having the command.

     I hope the future holds a time when we may be together again to talk over the old days, or that when we meet as individuals it will be "Here's to the 605". 

D. F. Buchwald

Lt. Col. 605th TD Bn.


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Hundreds of men within the 605th Tank Destroyer Battalion served our nation to protect and support our way of life and those around the globe. Many stories were never told, but for what we do know, it's our duty to honor them and preserve their sacrifices as best as we're able.
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The 605 Journal

Lt. Col. Donald Frank Buchwald kept a journal of events of the 605th Tank Destroyers. Many are familiar with this booklet which is where much of this site's information comes from. His details allows us to educate the generations ahead what our fathers did in the days behind.
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The Men & Their Stories

Again thanks to the journal kept by the commanding officer we have a detailed roster of each of the men and battalions within the 605th TDB. Here it is our mission to allow you a place to find a name, but also provide pictures, documents and or stories so that we can create a page in honor of your hero. 
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Information & Resources

Explore the various pictures, documents or related links associated to things from the 605 TBD to the War as a whole.
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