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605 Tank Destroyer Battalion

Coming Soon


Finally... it won't be long... is returning soon.

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The mission was, is and will always be to simply honor those we knew as Dad or Pawpaw or Mr. and a part of their lives that we didn't know, but gave us most of what we now know as our lives.

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The vision is to tell the 605TDB history for future families to find and have a place to tell the story of the man in the uniform... again.

605th TD Eberstadt_1.jpg
Dad on the way to France.jpg

To the various people who helped the first time we had this site up, an enormous Thank You! As those people know I failed on my end and lost the site and all its content several years ago when life happened. I have since continuously hoped to get something back up again. I got the answers I looked for when looking for my grandfather's history and more, but I want this to stay a place for more grandchildren to discover something about their family's history like I did. I apologize that it's been so long. The hardest part is done now, hopefully soon I can get the history back up again... along with your soldiers page. Thanks again!  -Matt

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