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Infantryman Harold A. Silverberg, of Cranston, who helped liberate the Ludwiglust concentration camp on May 8, 1945, wrote a poem about it:

The body of what used to be a man lies on its back in the dirt just outside a brick building. I can see but his head and chest. A dirty blanket hides whatever else is left. so little flesh remains, I cannot guess his age.

It is V - E Day! The War is Over! I should rejoice But I have come with Major Hall
To check this concentration camp
That we liberated yesterday.
A stench rises from within the building
We open a door
Now we see the source
Body piled upon body -- forty , fifty --
We cannot stay and count
We need to vomit but fight the urge
That sight and stench will never fade away.
How dare you tell me this never happened.

Poem about Ludwiglust

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