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Pfc. Junior M. Forbes

Are you the family of or know someone connected to this veteran? If so please contact me so we can develop this page in honor of his service.

The Story

These photos were provided by the family of Pfc. Everette Hinzman of C Company. If you're the family of any of the men pictured please contact me so we can add more details and information on that page.
The men pictured are:
Sgt. Leon A. Jones
Pvt. Wallace R. Huge
Pfc. Raymond Howard
T-4 Allie L. Windsor
Pfc. Junior M. Forbes
Pfc. Everette Hinzman
Pfc. Earl L. Taylor
Cpl. Benjamin S. Maczugn
Pfc. John J. King
Pfc. Henry W. Tunis


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